My Role Model Of Divorce Essay

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Humans, we always want to liked, accepted, and agreed with. Throughout our lives we constantly try to have the support and attention of our peers, we rely on the reassurance of others to be happy and have confidence. And we don’t get along with someone we do anything to know we are right and have the support of people around us. You may not realize this but think. Have you ever said something bad about someone to make yourself seem better, or offered someone something so they will agree with you? This often happens when growing up you get in a fight with your friend and your mutual friends are stuck between decided which side to be on. You say bad things about the other person and offer the mutual friend something so that they will think you …show more content…
Children not only have to go through the emotional and physical stress from having parents’ divorce but also pain that comes being harassed by both parents to believe that that they weren’t in the wrong and being torn to choose who is right this hurts the children, the parents, and the people around them. Thankful I have been privilege to live with a mom and dad who are in happy and healthy marriage and, but for one member of my family it is different. I have seen and felt the damages of divorce to my best friend and my role model. My half-sister, who I never said is my half-sister because I never saw her as anything less than my sister or different than other people’s siblings. She had to witness her parent’s gruesome divorce at just 5 years old. She was constantly torn between her two parents and always put in the middle of their hatred. Then when my mother re married, to my father and had me she became the odd one out. She was placed in the picture perfect American family but didn’t fit because she was the child from our mom’s previous marriage and lacked a relationship with her dad that I had with mine. Although she was loved unconditionally by both my mom and dad she still lack that idea of a complete

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