Essay On Racism In The Military

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There is strong and then there is Army strong” (Army, 1). The quote that inspires millions, yet does not exclude racial slander and poor judgement. Even though millions of people go and risk for life 's to be a part of our nation 's greatest, they are still not exception to racial slurs and humiliating ways of life. Many have gone through being a part of the military, and finding out that what is been on the outside as a civilian is still on the inside as a fighter for our country. The judgment basis of what is happened throughout the years and will depend on what we think and the way we treat others. Starting back as early as the American Revolution, we find racism is becoming similar to what has happened before and now in present times. Many …show more content…
Believing that he could have better than what he was given gave him the fight that he needed. Hope is stronger than any fear, and we see that when Atticus steps up as a first man shouting to attack the British Capitan and not to allow people to be ripped off and taking control of. Salter states, "… the war was beginning on a resounding note of hypocrisy. Slaves were to the colonists and the colonist were to the British crown; each group of press the other out right most sensible colonist could not rightly see themselves fighting for freedom against an oppressor where at the same time they allowed a press subjects under them to fight” (Salter,8). Salter’s use of hypocrisy is correctly fitted, allowing the reader to understand that no matter where they turned, someone had a problem with them. Knowing that everyone is fighting against each other, it is easy to see that racism was a big effect and causes issues between both the military and he head military of the British. Even though people in the army now have to deal with different types of racism, they will never know what it feels like to not have freedom, to fight for your country, and to not be a slave. Attucks, Gray and Maverick will never know what freedom is because they died fighting for the right of American freedom, while still being held as a

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