Research Paper On Type 1 Diabetes

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Diabetes What is diabetes? why it is important for people to know about it and how to prevent it?
Diabetes has been a big issue in the United States for many years. Diabetes mellitus has a long historical record dating back to second century AD. The word "diabetes" was first used by the Greek physician Aretaeus. The word diabetes means "siphon". It was first used to describe patients with excessive thirst and urination. In the 17th century, the word Mellitus, meaning "like honey", was added when diabetes patients ' urine was noticed to be sweet. However, the disease is not directly related to urine, but instead to the pancreas. Today many other symptoms and complications of the disease are known. Although, the disease has many complications
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These problems will lead to the loss of insulin production. Each type of diabetes has different symptoms that occur. A symptom of diabetes type 1 includes Increased thirst, Frequent urination, Bedwetting in children who previously didn 't wet the bed during the night, Extreme hunger, Unintended weight loss, Irritability and other mood changes, Fatigue and weakness, Blurred vision, In females, a vaginal yeast infection. Risk factors for diabetes type 1 include genetics which means any presence of certain genes indicates an increased risk of developing type, family history which means that anyone in the family has diabetes the person will develop the condition. Age is also a big risk factor for type 1, it occurs in children between age 4 and 7, and children between age 10 and 14 years. Diabetes can affect major organs in the body including the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eye, and kidneys. Keeping the blood pressure normal can reduce the risk of having diabetes, not only that but it can reduce having many health problems that affect the …show more content…
The biggest risk factor for all types of diabetes is always weight. Gaining weight increase the development of diabetes. And the reason for weight gain is the fast food restaurant that is available in every place in America and every state. Researchers (1) evaluated about 5,000 patients who were parts of a national survey designed to assess the prevalence of diabetes. Results from the study indicated that in 2012, between 12% and 14% of the adult had diabetes, The majority of these diabetics are type 2, the result of poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise. Researchers also uncovered that rates of diabetes among Asian Americans–who were previously an unstudied population–were as high as rates observed among other minorities. Up to 20% of Asian Americans had diabetes, with nearly 50% unaware of it. Additional study data also revealed that up to 22% of African Americans had diabetes, compared to 11% among whites. Nearly 23% of Hispanics and 20% of Asians were noted to have diabetes. Important to note, the proportion of undiagnosed diabetes was as high as 50% in Hispanics and Asian-Americans while it was only about 33% in white and

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