The Importance Of Developmental, Cognitive, Behavior And Social Psychology

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Psychology covers many areas in the scientific world, with some of the major areas being Developmental, Cognitive, Behavioral and Social Psychology. These subgroups go into detail about the human behavior, thoughts, and patterns displayed throughout the course of a lifetime. Though it is said to not be a science, all the properties suggest otherwise, with its basis founded on by Wilhelm Wundt, and research methods based purely on scientific methods, it is plain to see that it is a science. Developmental Psychology is the study of how and why humans develop over their lifetime, exploring the behavioral changes from birth until death. A considerable amount of focus is on childhood, in that most changes occur during this time.When behavior change is identified, the process is observed, recorded, and placed in somewhat of a timeline, with different variables determining the order and not just based on age. Development is viewed as a continuous and cumulative process, but can be disrupted or changed due to important events in someone’s life. These changes may be doe to environmental / natural influences, or by human influences, but regardless …show more content…
Depression a serious mood disorder that affects the way u feel, think and handle regular activities, with signs and symptoms such as irritability, persistent mood swings, loss of interest in any or every activity, always feeling fatigued, restlessness, lack of focus, appetite loss, memory loss, sleep issues, suicidal thoughts, and pains with no cause or cure. It can happen at any age, with causes ranging from family history, major life trauma, or certain illnesses or medication. For this disorder two types of psychotherapy that could be used to resolve and minimize certain aspects of it are Cognitive or Group therapy, utilizing ether individual or group treatment

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