Essay On D-Day In Germany

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World War 2 was one of the major global wars and it happened between 1939 and 1945. It was triggered by the German invasion of Poland. The war was fought between 2 groups of countries: The Allies (Britain, France and the USA) and the Axis power (Italy, Japan and Germany). On the 6th of June 1944, the Allies invaded Normandy, which was under the control of Nazi Germany. D-Day was considered the turning point for Germany because it caused them to fight on two fronts, which majorly weakened them.

Reason for attack.

D-Day was planned because during the war, Germany had invaded many countries claiming them as part of Nazi Germany. The attack was planned to remove him from all the places that he invaded (source A). It was to release Western Europe from Nazi occupation (source F). Since Germany
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Hitler delayed in calling for defense causing the Allies to advance even further (source I). The Nazi troops were made of mostly teenagers and they were inexperienced (source C). The Nazi fortification was strong at only one point – Calais. (Source A).


D-Day caused the Germans to fight on two fronts and eventually caused the Germans to be defeated (source L). Lots of lives were lost on both sides (source c). It caused the liberation of France (source F). Since the Germans lost, the Jews, the gypsies, Slavs etc. were freed. The invasion took place in 5 different beaches; it caused the beaches to get destroyed. It stopped the potential for dictatorships since Germany lost. It led to the end of WW2 and start of the Cold war. It caused Germany to be split into East and West Germany. War had ended but 2 different countries had got to Germany and this created conflict and the rise of the superpowers.

Although the casualties of D-Day were very high, D-Day was a success. It caused the Allies to push against the Nazis and take back the land, which was under Nazi control. It also caused the defeat of Germany and the end of

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