The Major Impact Of D-Day And The Great Depression

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Great Depression
The Great Depression impacted the world’s economy after the stock market crash along with a rapid decline in global. Which leaded an economic shock that left millions of Canadians unemployed, hungry and often homeless. As the great depression was the longest lasting economic downturn in the history, it impacted thousands of families like mine. It is a significance in Canadian history as the world turned around with the impact changing the rich to poor like if one thing goes wrong and the how thing can fall just like dominoes. This crisis impacted my family by my parents having to lose their jobs and lack of money to provide food. As my parents being immigrants, it was quite struggle starting at first and with the great depression
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There was one significant battle which was D-Day and the Battle of Normandy was the start of Operation 'Overlord ' that the Allied invaded Europe. With massive amount of detailed planning required to achieve the operation with took taking great effort and involving many elements. The significant of the battle was that the Canadians had played an important role in the offensives that would finally defeat the Germans and end the world war. This impacted my family since my father experienced this battle while he was there. As throughout this battle he lost many of his friend and was shot in the arm but was lucky be able to recovered. . Therefore, D-Day was not just a significant part in our history as well as a part in our history displaying how Canadians was a important role in the …show more content…
During WWII the economy of Canada improve dramatically since countries required more armament and paid Canada to manufacture it. These war factories played a major role during WWII considering how much money Canada produced. During this time period my family struggled to acquiring a job as well as money for food. With the war started for the second time it restored the economy and my parents gotten new jobs quickly. As the time mother worked in a war factory producing machine guns and father was a miner again. Therefore, the Homefront was a important contribution to our history which leaded up to the fix to the economy and helped thousands of Canadians to get back into theirs

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