The Importance Of Cultural Heritage

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People will always have a problem with someone whether if it’s how you wear your hair, who you believe in or who you don’t believe in, the skin on your body or what you wear. You can be the ripest peach and still someone won’t like peaches! My point is you can’t sit there and get upset because of something you can’t change and that you shouldn’t want to change! Everyone is made an original why would you want to die a copy? I will discuss what my life was like growing up from my heritage, to the stereo types and the prejudice discrimination, and how I learned to cope with them.
Cultural Heritage
My grandfather is the family member that is big into cultural heritage. He likes the big dinners with families on Sundays followed by church. He loved when we get involved with the black culture and to know our history and tells us don’t stand for ignorance, just because you look black or have black roots doesn’t mean you can’t do anything white people do. My mother on the other hand is nothing like that, she is
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Once people hold on to a certain stereotype it’s hard to break free. The famous “women need to learn how to cook, women stay in the kitchen” is everywhere… television, social media, movies, etc. It’s always something someone says when women are doing political debates or even during a simple screw up. Claiming that if they were in the kitchen they wouldn’t have done that! It gets irritating hearing just about women doing something for herself or even driving. Women pay for more insurance because they claim women are worse drivers than men. All women should wear bras is another stereotype. A stereotype that can be a very touchy subject to some women and young teenage girls is that everyone expects girls to wear a bra or even a bikini top. Why do we frown on women not wearing shirts or bras but let guys (bigger) walk around when it looks similar, or that she can get looked at as a sex offender. How is that fair at

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