The Influence Of Criminal Behavior

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In the United States one out of every five people are a victim in an act of violence or crime. Every day terrible acts of crime are committed and affect many people. After being studied for a long time, it was found that criminal behavior is impacted greatly by genetics and inherited traits. Most of us will assume that these kinds of people are just voluntarily acting out for unknown reasons. What most of us don’t know is that these traits are not only caused by our surroundings but are passed down from mother/father to child.
Criminal behavior is determined by the law. If you choose to act out on something that is against the law then you are engaging in criminal behavior. The reason for that is currently unknown. Of course no one is sure of why we do the things we do but there are some strong theories. One including
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All of us as a community need to have better eyes for these things. Every human being deserves a chance to a better life. Being pulled out of a terrible and unsafe community can delete the influencing factor of bringing out your psychological disorder. Even without mental dysfunctions growing up in environments like that will make you think differently. How you are raised is likely to determine how you will think of the world. The amount of self-control you hold is a necessity to growing up efficiently and safely. You don’t want to make other people scared of you or see you as a threat. If you are capable of preventing on acting out on criminal behavior then you will but if not danger will be provided for our world and we don’t want that. We won’t be able to determine why criminals act out but we have pretty good reasoning along with helpful evidence and can clearly see as to why these acts will occur. It’s all just the truth behind criminal behavior. The secrets of the brain and mind will be hidden until our brains advance as well all we can do is try to be safe and try to prevent danger to

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