The Importance Of Crime

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Stockton is well-known to most of California as a crime city, in that its reputation for crime is quite large. What we do not know is why Stockton is so dangerous to many people? Does it have to do with ethnicity, immigration, and or people wanting to be bad, or maybe it is none of those reasons; it could be that people do crime to get revenge, dignity, or a sense of being the boss. Whatever the reason is, it needs to be stopped, not just by the police, but the whole community as well. The identification of crime increases as well as how to decrease it should be a huge role in a community. Crime rates are still at a huge percentage, and we as a community can try to stop it from rising even more. Perhaps the thought process of being a criminal starts in the teenage years. As known around Stockton, many public high schools often have fights. It might also be due to the fact that some teens do not have any father figure to follow, or even the opposite; they do have a father figure, just the wrong one. As said in Lacayo, et …show more content…
Like stated previously, we can do something like Operation Ceasefire. This idea can help stop crime at a young age and also can help even the adults. There are many good ideas that we could use, but first, we as a community needs to understand where each criminal comes from. If we can somehow connect to those individuals and tell them personal experiences, they may be able to forfeit their criminal life. Of course sometimes it does not work and sometimes it is too dangerous as well, so we have to find that ground where we can work with. “Crime reduction interventions should be tailored to the degree to which high crime is the result of prevalence or concentration” (Rogerson, 446). We should try to concentrate on a specific crime and work on from there, because if we try to stop the most dangerous of crimes, it may put innocent citizens at

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