History Of Gangs In California

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Los Angeles County is the most dangerous place in California because of the gang culture that moves around it (Bartholomew, 2015).
Cholo, ese, vato are all words that hispanic gang members use to refer to one another. Here in California, Hispanic gangs began to form during the early 1920s or as also referred to the Roaring Twenties. These groups started to form and get together in their neighborhoods or as known as the barrios. These individuals who got together in these groups all had similar cultures, shared the same language, and customs so in a society where not many shared the same ideas and thoughts as they did it was easy for them to get pushed in together with all the oppression that revolved around them. The members who formed these gangs ranged in the ages of 14 year olds up to 20 and where all male (Hoover, 1999). These gangs began to form with no leadership and they would defend their barrios with vengeance from anyone that they believed would pose threat to them. After a couple of years the age span for new gang members took quite a stretch, now young males ranging in the ages 12 to 25 who were willing to fight and die for the gang where they were being recruited in.
Crimes such as burglary,
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The reason why the gang started out here in Los Angeles, to be more specific in Normandy, was because the people were fleeing El Salvador. Most of these individuals were war orphans or just anybody that had been left alone because of the massacres that occurred in the war. The people flee all the danger that surrounded them because of the war and many arrived to the same place which was Los Angeles and would get together and defended themselves from the people that viewed them to be “different” from them. Since violence was the way of life for these men they would seek for trouble almost anywhere they’d go, to become a threat and a fear to the

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