The Importance Of Creativity Throughout Middle School And High School

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People use creativity throughout their entire lives. It starts when they are children. In elementary schools, teachers love helping their students broaden their imagination, but once the students get into middle school things start to change. In middle school teachers tell students to grow up and that they are to be ready for what life throws at them in high school. Their creativity is smashed right into the ground. Throughout middle school, along with high school, the teachers seem to be more worried about how we look to the state rather than how we are doing in school. They just want us to test well for the state tests as a substitute to broadening students’ creativity. Students have another thing coming once they are in college. They are told to think outside the box and to come up with something original, but that is not how they were taught throughout middle school and high school. Students need creativity throughout their life because in the real world, people want to see something new, not the old stuff. Teaching to the test seems to be one of the most common things throughout high schools. Why would teachers teach to the test? Teachers teach to the test to either get more money from the government to fund the school and/or to show that their school had the sophisticated test grades. How is that helping the students? Teaching to the test is not helping students. The writer had a horrific experience at taking tests. She hates being timed to test and no matter how hard…

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