The Importance Of Creativity And Abstract Processing Essay

753 Words Feb 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Creativity and abstract processing are beneficial traits to subjects in the arts and humanities based on the level of creative analysis that is needed in both. In one study, there appeared to be no significant change in these skills among low and moderate ambient noise levels. When noise levels were high, however, specific tasks in creative thinking were disregarded after a short while, indicative of reduced information processing, translating to a reduced cognitive carrying capacity (Mehta et. al., 787). In the aforementioned experiment, researchers defined low, moderate, and high levels of noise to be 50, 70, and 85 decibels respectively, and used ambient noise stimuli such as recordings of cafeterias, construction noise, and traffic. The fact that the stimuli being used in each testing condition are ambient noises compared to music is a confounding variable. Information processing could therefore be reduced at lower sound amplitudes in music given a greater level of processing the brain does in music listening conditions compared to ambient noises. As a conclusion from the previously mentioned studies, tests done where experimenters selected what subjects listened to should be regarded with discretion. Listening to familiar and cortically arousing music specific to each individual that studies with music at sound levels no greater than 70 dB is one benchmark that can potentially aid in creative thinking and cognitive skills. Thus far, the effects of music on attention,…

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