The Importance Of Creating A Memorial? Essay

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The Importance of Memorialization in Public Space Throughout world history, the number of disasters, wars, and other traumatic events has grown to be immeasurable. The occurrence of too many tragedies sparked a national desire to commemorate the lost; thus causing the development of memorials. The concept of creating a memorial seems simple; however, this is not the case. A great deal of time and money are placed into the brain-storming drafting, and eventual building of a memorial. Beyond the excessive resources needed to construct one, memorials are frequently found at the center of controversy. Unsurprisingly, the diversity of the population causes a contrast in the interpretation of memorials by individuals. The idea of collective memory conflicts with personal memory as people begin to argue about what the monument should actually represent. The formation of a monument comes with extensive effort and unavoidable turmoil between people. But, these negative attributes are well worth the impact memorials have on communities. Society benefits from the existence of memorials through their ability to bring together the community, guide survivors to healing, and educate the people both literally and figuratively. In the aftermath of a tragic event, the individuals affected are often left broken and unsure or unwilling to accept what took place. Those closely related to a victim tend to express feelings of loneliness and heartache, while survivors are damaged by what was…

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