Media Corruption

A. AG: It’s safe to assume that everyone in this classroom has looked at some form of news at some point in your life, according to an article written by the MintPress News, 60% of information reported by Fox News in 2015 was false.
1. Aaron Blake, a writer for the Washington Post, stated that people only watch reported news that agrees with their political beliefs.
2. Meaning that the majority of news audiences are subjectively one-sided and don’t get both sides of the story, only the point of view they potentially agree with.
3. Corruption is, the abuse of a position of trust for the benefit of yourself, according to Afra Raymond who was featured on TED talks.
4. Nick Hilditch at defines corruption as the
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A. Overview of the problem
Transition: To supply some background knowledge...
a. Corruption in the media is nothing new for modern culture. i. According to Harvard University, media corruption has been occurring since the creation of the printing press in America in 1638. ii. An early example of this can be seen in 1898 when the United States of America went to war with Spain; the media accused Spain of blowing up the battleship Maine, even though it actually malfunctioned and exploded, but due to the lack of knowledge it still resulted in Americans wanting to go to war, according to Eric Foner, a history professor at the University of Columbia.
b. If media corruption is allowed to continue it could impact our lives on an even more drastic level, including the collapse of modern society.
i. An example of this was when the democrats thought they were easily going to win the 2016 presidential election because the majority of media was predicting their candidate would win. ii. As we all are aware, this did not occur because President-Elect Trump won the electoral
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Which could be interpreted as a 50% kill rate, which is probably what you heard on the news!
Transition: Before we can give a solution, we first have to discuss what an effective solution would need to have in order to make an impact.
B. Criteria for an effective solution:
1. An effective solution would need to be unbiased and easily accessible to the general population.
2. Something important for our solutions is that it would need to be low cost and it would need to have a low time commitment so that people could access it during their busy days.
Transition: Before we talk about our recommended solution, we first need to identify why some alternative solutions would not meet our criteria listed above.
C. Identifying Alternatives (solutions)
1. You should first fact check the information you are receiving to make sure it is credible. You should do this since the media could be using false information in order to make their story sound more interesting. You can fact check by looking at other news sources or doing research on current events for yourself so you can figure out when the media is telling you false information.
2. Another thing you can do is keep an open mind and unbiased opinion while listening to the

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