Media Matters for America

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  • American Media Bias

    As said by Al Franken the award winning American comedian “The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They 're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover.” A strong media bias can be proven in the United States through, viewer distribution and viewers trust in different media sources, journalist ideologies, and issues focused on by the media. Biased meaning that the media reports on certain stories and events that favor their political ideology. To help me support this idea, I have interviewed two people with seemingly different political views. One is my grandfather and the other being my sister. My grandpa was born in the mid 40’s making him a baby boomer and my sister who was born in…

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  • Media Corruption

    Body A. Overview of the problem Transition: To supply some background knowledge... a. Corruption in the media is nothing new for modern culture. i. According to Harvard University, media corruption has been occurring since the creation of the printing press in America in 1638. ii. An early example of this can be seen in 1898 when the United States of America went to war with Spain; the media accused Spain of blowing up the battleship Maine, even though it actually malfunctioned and…

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  • The Black Lives Matters Movement: All Lives Matter Movement

    “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman,” (Malcolm X). Black people in America have been treated with disrespect and have not been given equal opportunities to their white counterparts. In the past, people of color have not been given the same rights as white people. Today, Black people in America are still being faced with discrimination, racism, injustice in…

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  • How Does Media Influence Racial Profiling?

    In retaliation towards the Black Lives Matter Movement, All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter was created to silence people about the existence of how racial discrimination influences racial policing. To aid in the argument that the Black Lives Matter is not a great movement, the media has also influenced what people think about it. Bill O 'Reilly, controversial television host, really weighed in on the debate in which he defines the Black Lives Matter Movement as something that is killing the…

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  • Why Do Black Lives Matter

    Do Black Lives Matter? Throughout centuries, blacks in America have been not only fighting for their freedom, but for their lives. In our society today, seeing a news headline of a black person brutally killed by authorities has become a common occurrence. Many of these tragic occurrences happened due to the misjudgement police officers have made towards black people. Misjudgments have arisen from constant media coverage displaying black individuals in an incorrect light. How can we change how…

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  • On Being Brought From Africa To America By Phillis Wheatley Analysis

    communities. No matter the topic, there is always a way to connect the piece of literature, whether that be song, poem, or script, to the conditions of society. In the culture of African Americans, this idea of literature being a centerpiece…

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  • Minorities In The Media Research Paper

    The portrayal of minorities in the media has been an issue plaguing America for many years. Religious groups are always cautiously approached in the media, particularly Muslims because people could get offered. However it is not the Muslims that the media is afraid of offending, but everyone else. Nearly all representations of Muslims in the media depict them as terrorists, because America refuses to see them as anything else. What the media industry needs to do, is pass over the walls of…

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  • Video Analysis Of Kendrick Lamar's Media Music

    In today’s media race is used throughout programs such as television shows, movies, and music videos. They often times present a false stereotype that many believe are true when accessing media. When it comes to music artists will use music videos so there listeners will have a better understanding of the song. The music video analyzed is Kendrick Lamar’s alright which was released in 2015. As an artist who has a history of creating songs that are detailing experiences in which he has either…

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  • Social Media Activism

    The Boom of Social Media Activism According to statistics website, STATISTA, there are over 207 million smartphone users in the United States this year (eMarketer). The growth in mobile computing has allowed limitless access to online information almost anywhere you go. According to journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell, the consequence of this growth is that activists are now favoring more superficial participation in current social problems. Social media activism is any activism associated…

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  • Hashtag's Black Lives Matter: Social Media

    Hashtag (#) Black Lives Matter The first time I ever even seen or heard of the powerful movement of black lives matter was through my social media twitter account. Shortly after the traumatic incident of Travon Martin is when I was awaken to the police brutality that been continuing on for years and years. The Black Lives Matter hashtag was inspiring to many young adults through social media’s influence and help. According to an article titled, Social Media Usage 2005-2015 stated “Among all…

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