The Importance Of Communication Between Men And Women

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Communication Between Males and Females
Let’s face it, communication holds a great significant and value in life. Communication is everything. Men and women tend to communicate differently, which causes issues between the male and female bond. Deborah Tannen wrote an article called “Sex, Lies, and Conversation: Why Is It So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other.” She talks about the difference in the chatty conversation women want and how verbal communication is not necessary for men. The bonding process is dissimilar for male and female. Tannen makes three valid points during the article: The difference in stance and standpoint during conversations, men do not need words to form a bond, and how a child is raised effects the social
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Eleanor Maccoby did a study of the influence on “children’s development is most influenced by the social structure of peer interactions” (404). Little boys played with other boys as did the little girls played with other girls. Tannen researched second graders, and she wrote “The second-grade girls exchanged stories about people thy knew. The second-grade boys teased, told jokes and noticed things in the room and talked about dining fames to play” (405). The little girls had a more in depth conversation with each other, that held secrets and emotions to their stories. The little boys made small talk, and speaking nothing in particular. When women grow up, the secrets and emotion of their conversations do not change, only difference was about who or what. Women will bond though conversations. When boys grow to men, they still have no need to hold a conversation with other males, for bonding purpose. Men do not typically call each other to chat to their best friend after work. They are more likely to go meet up for a drink on the way home staring out the bar window, to relive the stress of the day. The habits of opposite gender carry all throughout life. Men and women have different bonding ways. It is difficult for the opposite sex to understand what the other gender want during conversation. Women love to talk, men do not care for …show more content…
Men need to realize that women like detail and small talk. Women need to realize men do not like to talk about their day, past the highlights, and small talk is nonsense. A woman should know, when she is talking to a man, that males have different stance during conversation. Men give off the impression of not listening, but more so, they are listening. A husband should come to understand that his wife, also, needs him to be a conversational partner. Conversations and genders are much easier to understand and simpler, if we study the way children communicate with same sex gender. They way children interact with one another, carries over into adult hood, but with more in-depth topics. Understanding the needs of opposite genders during conversation would help out communication between male and female

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