Character Analysis: Bread Givers

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“Young, almost broke and attending college”. College is stressful for any incoming college freshman entering a new environment. However, statistically 89 percent of first generation college students are more likely to drop out of school than students who have college graduates in their families. Ana, from the movie Real Women Have Curves, and Sara, from the novel Bread Givers, show the struggles of the first generation college students. Even though Ana and Sara surpassed all odds against them overcoming their challenges dealing with family traditions and meeting college expectations did not happen with ease. Compared the second generation students, it is challenging for the first generation students to succeed because they do not have support …show more content…
However, Sara chose to go school and when she devoted more time to her studies than her family she started getting criticism by her family over becoming too americanized. Her mother said, “ I 'd be happier to see you get married. What is a school teacher? old maid- all of them. It 's good enough for goyim, but not for you.” Not having the support or understand from their families the first generation college student has to deal with being put down due to the family’s ignorance. In Sara’s case would end up not seeing her family for 6 years after she had graduated. Sara’s mother showed how the parents of the first generation college students don’t understand that the time outside of class should be spent studying. As well as her sisters showed resentment over Sarah 's education. Sarah 's sister Fania said, ”Ain 't it a shame to let yourself go down like this? You are a young girl yet, Sara why don 't you put in a little style?”, meaning that Sara should put in more effort to make herself more presentable toward men instead of “an old maid”. The dispute with their sister shows how families of first generation students do not understand the priorities of being a college student. Sara is focused in school to become a teacher whereas her mother and sisters were focused on Sara finding a …show more content…
The second generation students has a person in their family who knows all about the college expectation, so when they enter college they had an idea of what to expect and avoid certain mistakes. In Ana’s case when she was filling out her application to Columbia when asked about her personal statement she said,” I didn’t think it is necessary.” By not knowing the importance if the personal statement, Ana could have missed out on her acceptance into Columbia. Unfortunately, most first generation college students do overlook resources available to them because simple they never knew about them. Resources like the tutoring center, financial aid and counselors are there to help students be successful in college however not being informed the first generation misses out on potential guidance that is beneficial for their

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