Case Study: Gallup-Purdue

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According to the 2015 Gallup-Purdue study, fifty percent of college alumni “strongly agree” that their education was worth the cost (Gallup, Inc.). Those 15,000 graduates out of the 30,000 representative sample seized and maximized opportunities. In contrast to earlier schooling, college level education becomes a self-driven commitment. The skills needed to get through college successfully can be classified into three categories: financial skills, social skills, and organizational skills. First are the skills involving the handling of money—taking in to consideration tuition, textbook, housing, food, and transportation costs. Another category deals with people interactions that offer the college student support and guidance. To a student’s …show more content…
Goals create a sense of focus and propel an individual’s drive. Because college students develop their own class schedules, their personal goals may relate to the number of credits they wishes to accomplish or the type of degree they would like to earn. Ultimately, a college student’s dream or ideal job would be his or her major goal. Setting goals is an important skill that channels motivation, concentration, and self-application. Also, time-management is a useful skill since a college student juggles responsibilities as an adult, student, employee, athlete, sorority member, intern, etc. In regards to collegiate academic success, distributed study is more effective than cramming. The study at Northwestern University illustrates the benefits of this phenomenon, known as the “spacing effect,” versus massed retention (Zimmerman, Joel). Prioritizing follows along the same lines as time-management due to the lifestyle of college students—having several different agendas. For example, if a student is faced with the decision of attending a football game or reviewing for his/her final exam, prioritizing becomes critical for success. The social aspect of college can be an advantage at times, yet a disadvantage at other times. Meeting deadlines alsonreflects a students’ attitude and effort. In order to be successful in college and in the work field, individuals should project themselves in their best light—whether to their professor or their boss. College students should utilize a planner or calendar to note the due dates of their assignments, so they are completed when the time

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