Essay The Importance Of College Education For Students

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In today’s society, a college degree is more often encouraged than not for students soon to graduate from high school or older adults looking to further themselves in the work force. Employers are even more likely to hire an applicant if they have a degree in the field. Unfortunately, as swiftly as the demand for college degrees increases so does the cost for a college education. A growing number of students have to turn away from furthering their education because the cost is much too steep. Reducing college tuition fees and expenses will encourage more students to pursue higher education, making them more qualified for the job market and will, in turn, improve the US economy.
The importance of college education for our students cannot be overlooked. While certain or any degrees are not required for every career path and job opening, they further prepare the student and improve their understanding and education of the chosen field. College schedules help students circle in on their desired goals or find new passions with random yet interesting electives. College campuses not only challenge a student intellectually, but also socially and in their maturity. Students are introduced to an incredibly diverse group on their campuses and in their classes, residents’ halls, organizations, and activities. Increasing numbers of employers are hiring more employees with degrees than not even for jobs that do not require higher education. As Anthony Carneville states in his essay,…

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