The Importance Of Coed Sports

Ever since a young age, boys and girls have been separated for sports teams. This is usually done because of strength, and skill level. However, many boys and girls share skill levels and aggressiveness—causing some sports teams to change the rule of the separation of the genders. Despite some opinions about boys and girls being separated on sports teams, having them on the same team can make them learn from one another, it encourages respect between genders, and it increases competition.
To begin, having both genders on the same team increases competition. Instead of having a team based on genders, they will be based on the skill of the child—increasing the competitiveness of the game. The article, “Coed Sports: When Should Boys and Girls
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By having boys and girls play on the same team, they will get to work with one another and increase their respect for each other. According to the article, “Positive Reasons for Coed Sports,” “Encouraging coed teams at beginning levels and ages teaches kids to evaluate others on skill and may help change beliefs regarding gender inequality in sports” (Barr 1). With boys and girls coming together to do something they all enjoy, they will better understand each other and their differences. However, those against coed sports believe that the children will face many social challenges when playing with or against one of the opposite gender. While social challenges are possible to be faced, those are not an aspect in skill level and accepting gender differences. Kathryn Barr writes, “Praising and rewarding players based on skill demonstrates that knowledge and understanding of a sport, physical expertise and ability don’t fall along gender lines” (Barr 1). Children could learn how to accept their peers for their skill and talents, and not discriminate them for their …show more content…
Boys have different skills than girls; by associating, they can learn from one another and improve their own skill. According to, “Studies show that women tend to be better team players, while boys focus more on individual success. Let's be honest—you need both skills in order to ‘go far’ in your athletic career.” (“Why Co-Ed Teams In Youth Sports Can Work” 1). With both of those skills, boys and girls can learn more at a younger age. Conversely, the opposing side believes since boys and girls have different skill levels, this can cause conflict. states, “Boys are usually taller and stronger than girls, which can give them an advantage on the playing field. If girls are on the same team as them, they might not perform as well as they could on an all-girls team, where they would be up against players with a similar skill set.” (Carpenter 1). Even though boys and girls have different skill levels, this will be an advantage to each of them in order for them to improve their own skill level. In the article it states, “Boys might learn how to be better team players while girls learn how to take more leadership on themselves,” (“Why Co-Ed Teams In Youth Sports Can Work” 1). Both genders will benefit and learn new skills from playing with each

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