The Importance Of Child Vaccination

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Is it a good idea for parents not to have their child vaccinated? Some people may think

that you shouldn 't have your child vaccinated while others think it 's the best option you can make

for your child early in life due the internet and things they show on the news. Most people

wouldn 't be able to tell if that child was sick unless it was mumps or chickenpox

Although some people believe that it 's a good idea to have your child vaccinated, others

Others may think it 's dangerous to have your child vaccinated due to the fact the things they read

Online about how dangerous it could be because you child may not even get sick by not having

the Vaccination done but if you where something could go wrong and their child would have
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They 're only

Looking at side effects thinking that 's the only thing that could hurt them but also not noticing that

Later in life something could go wrong. Some people will never feel that getting their child

vaccinated is safe no matter how many times the doctor will tell them that this is what 's best for

the child.
Well i think you should have your child vaccinated due to not only their well being but

Other kids well being, many may argue with what i 'm saying because the fact they feel it 's wrong

getting a child vaccinated. Anyway i think your child will be thankful in the long run because if they

had an say so i think they would want to get vaccinated just because when you 're sick and have

this disease they wouldn 't be able to play with other kids they have to be stuck in the house

Dealing with being sick because you can not take nothing for disease, the only thing that could 've

Helped was the vaccine. ( Vaccines have reduced and, in some cases, eliminated many

diseases that killed or severely disabled people just a few generations ago. For example,

smallpox vaccination eradicated that disease worldwide. Your children don 't have to get

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