Eating Right Research Paper

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Many people want to make a change in their health. Most of the time he or she doesn’t know where to start. Many people search through magazines and books deciding how to change their lifestyle. He or she’s lifestyle is something that is hard to change. Few people successfully change their lifestyle. These people are the ones that are dedicated and understand how to control their hunger and know how to exercise right. In our society as American citizens we are known to be overweight and we don’t understand how to eat right. Eating right is one of the main ways that we can be more healthy. Calorie consumption can be the result to make us not healthy necessary, but it can help us lose weight, so that we are not an obese society anymore. To make …show more content…
By doing aerobic exercises every day for at least thirty minutes, our society will become a lot healthier and will be known as a healthy society. If everyone was diligent in exercising every day, than we could become a better society. Our society is known for being obese and does not have a very good reputation for our health. Many of our television shows our about or have an obese person in it. For example the show The Biggest Loser is all about obese people trying to lose weight in contest form. This show is nationally known and the people on it are okay with being famous for being an obese person. Whenever people from other countries think about America the think of fast food and many people that are overweight. We can fix this and show people that we can all be in shape and not just that, but since we are doing aerobic exercise we can have nice bodies. Exercising can make us more active and not so lethargic. Many teenagers in our society are not exercising right because they are okay with being overweight. In result of this many adults are bigger than the last generation. We need to stop this by getting people to start exercising consistently and eating right because with the mix of eating right and exercising consistently we can make this country a better

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