The Importance Of Cell Phone Radiation Levels

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Register to read the introduction… All radiation levels are controlled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have come up with a “safe level” that all the manufactures can not …show more content…
In order to determine compliance, each cell phone is tested while operating at its highest power level in all the frequency bands in which it operates, and in various specific positions against the dummy head and body, to simulate the way different users’ typically hold a cell phone, including to each side of the head. To test cell phones for SAR compliance, the phone is precisely placed in various common positions next to the head and body, and a robotic probe takes a series of measurements of the electric field at specific pinpoint locations in a very precise, grid-like pattern within the dummy head and torso. All data for each phone placement are submitted as a part of the equipment approval test report for final authorization. However, only the highest SAR values for each frequency band are included in the final authorization to demonstrate compliance with the FCC’s RF …show more content…
After all this talk of cancer and radiation you might be wondering how can I reduce the effects of the radiation that is emitted from my cell phone. There are many ways you can reduce your exposure to the radio waves.
You can: use the speaker phone option when making calls use a pair of wired headphones (a wireless head set or bluetooth device will also work, but that still emits radio waves and there is really no gap between you and the device since it is in or very close to your ear) limit your calls to short brief calls when there is not a land-line available text instead of talking (But NOT while driving) carry your cell phone in a case that is attached to your

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