The Importance Of Catching A Criminal ( Steen ) Essay

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There are crimes that happen on a day to day basis varying from burglary, murders, and kidnapping. Those that commit these crimes eventually need to be caught and be put behind bars. Catching a criminal is not always the easiest task and many wonder if DNA is the most effect way to catching a criminal (Steen). Without the use of it there would not be the freeing or those accused of a crime and proving of their innocence. In today’s society the use of deoxyribonucleic acid, known as DNA; is the basic building block of life and has aided in identifying criminals and solving major crimes (Houck and Siegel). But on the other hand DNA has also proven many individuals to be innocent of a crime. The information that inside of one’s DNA set in an organism 's performs as a blueprint for the organism 's biological development and functioning. DNA can be found in many forms such as fingerprints, saliva, hair, end of a cigarette, blood, and many other forms (Bond and Hammond). The various uses of DNA analysis have created a tie between the criminal justice system and forensic sciences, it has changed the justice system in a way that no other research tool has before. It has linked cases together that otherwise could not be joined, such as local cases ranging from breaking and entering, homicides, city and state crimes cases such as gang crimes, serial sexual assaults and murders.
The investigations of crimes scenes have changed a lot over the years, giving much credit to…

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