Assignment 4: Personal Interview

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In conducting some of my interviews I wanted to find out why a person hasn’t tried to apply for a new and better paying position. So I interviewed five people then I also did to interviews for a better position to see the results. Mary has been working with my company for 25 years. When she originally started she only had to clean one hallway on her own. Then then all of the other Environmental Service Techs would come together to do all the discharges. They got everything on time and in a timely manner. Lunches and breaks were taken accordingly depending on what was need around the company. Mary stayed with the company because she enjoys the people that she works with and she enjoys the job that she does. But Mary has been at this
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He also loves what he does for a living. He has other outside work but the benefits and insurance is what is keeping him here. He also has topped out for pay at $10.75. Washington, B. (2015, April 4).
Cathy has been there seven years. She complains that she doesn’t like the job and has been wanting to do something else for years. Cathy types well and has many skills but is afraid of change. She makes $10.17 and it took her seven years to get to there. Parks, C. (2015, April 4). Personal interview
Derrick has been with the company for 45 years and is about to retire also making 10.75. He will make more money if he retires. Derrick comes to work every day. But he is so stuck in his routine to get up and come to work every day. He lives with his mom he has no bills and no responsibility. He figures that having this job is a sign of stability so he just stayed at this job.
My question that I kept having is why people don’t move up at this company. Hughes, D. (2015, March 11). Personal
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The position she started off at was a bed coordinator then she went to department manager, now she 's finally at Good Samaritan Hospital and is now is a site leader in management. We also found out that most of the higher up positions were handpicked. Two employees started off with a housekeeper position. From there they went to become bed coordinators. From there their next promotion was to site manager. When you go in the office to submit your resume for these positions, you were told that you could not apply because you did not have a degree. Finally they started telling everyone to finish out their degrees or have a degree. There was an incident where two people applied for the same position and the person who was hired had no educational background. But if you go by their rule or specifications for the job the person without the degree should not have even been able to submit the resume. So the person without education was picked for the specific job and was told that that must complete a degree. We were told that the whole department is going to restructure and everyone in management will be required to have a degree, which was how it was supposed to be anyway. But instead of coming to everyone the head person over everything is sneaking and talking to everyone he wants in management and telling them to make sure you get your degree because changes will happen.
We have housekeeper that are leaving the department

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