Essay on The Importance of Boosting Morale in the Workplace

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The Importance of Boosting Morale in the Workplace A team is only as strong as their weakest link. The same can also be said for a company. It is often forgotten that it takes everyone in a company operating on all cylinders for it to be successful. However, it is no secret that humans tend to perform at the highest of their abilities when they are happy. It makes sense that a company would want their employees operating at a higher productivity rate. For the company higher productivity normally results in more income. The company will not get a high level of productivity from employees (legally) unless they boost morale. Keeping employees involved, less stressed and motivated by presenting challenging but, attainable goals with …show more content…
Not only will this help bridge the gap between the different layers in the work force it will provide valuable input on problems that might be hampering employee morale. Rewarding employees appropriately for reaching various goals is an excellent way to increase morale, motivation and production. Locke theorized “behavior is a result of conscious goals and intentions. Therefore, by setting goals for people a manager should be able to influence behavior” (#3 pg 151). This is an excellent way to alter morale. A great way to boost morale is to set a goal that is at the right difficulty level for the employee. The goal should be challenging but, not impossible to achieve. Providing employees with goals that are unrealistic will result in them not even trying or it may cause them to get stressed. According to a study conducted by Weyerhaeuser, “When goals are set appropriately, one employee may be able to double their productivity” (#5 151). Goals should also be specific to the employee’s position. A goal cannot be reached if the employee does not fully understand it. Therefore, the goal should be narrowed down and explained with distinct specifications so that the employee has the ability to achieve the goal. Another important factor in setting goals is to make the rewards enticing. In order for the employee to get motivated to try and reach his goal the reward must be something he would want to obtain. This is all explained by The Goal-Setting

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