The Importance Of Books And Television

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Books and Television
A common fact that everyone has accepted is that kids would always choose to watch TV over reading a book. Although, some consider that reading and watching are fulfilling pass-times, they have major differentials that set them apart. The motivation that children have towards reading and watching TV is as different as the amount of brain power, emotional connection, and educational potential that is also established with reading or watching TV.
Kids today would probably not pick up a book to read out of their own enjoyment. They tend to believe that reading is a job – a task that is required of the children to do. This work that kids believe they have to do is the reason why there is much opposition in reading now-a-days. Those few kids that read for the
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The rhythm of how an educational book is written (fact after boring fact) give little motivation for the brain to fully pay attention to what point the book is trying get across.
Educational television shows hold more appeal to children by technically tricking the child into learning. With a visual that can be processed, the child retains more facts while watching TV. The picture and sound stimulates the brain into connecting the facts with pictures that were given. Giving the brain a picture to connect information with allows the brain to remember what kids would consider 'boring ' facts.
When it comes right down to it, reading and watching television are quite different. From the motivation that is needed for watching TV and reading, to the brain power that is needed for each category. The emotional connection and educational process of books and television also have major differentials. One thing that is common of books and TV is their pass-time to kids, otherwise they share absolutely no other

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