The Importance Of Black Lives Matter

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Blacks have become the target of the police recently, in 2015, 975 people have been killed by the police (Killed by Police Org). The different cases of police brutality, shows a need for programs in every racially populated area for African Americans to go and learn about the events that surround their race. There are cases that are very popular and have become the basis of the movement “Black Lives Matter” such as; Eric Gardner, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice, these cases make it around the United States.
Eric Garner, a men accused of selling single cigarettes is confronted by the police and after being harassed and stating that he was not selling cigarettes he is arrested. While being detained his swatted his hand back and the police officer proceeded to put him in a choke hold. “I can’t breathe” was the last thing Eric Garner said before he died. His story made news around the country, people argued, this man was innocent and did not deserve to die (NBC News).
Michael Brown, an eighteen year old teen allegedly stole multiple packs of tobacco products from a local convenience store,
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The movement originally was birth from 3 women, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi as a cry for justice for Trayvon Martin; the young boy killed for seeming suspicious in a predominantly white neighborhood. The movement has grown to be bigger than that, it has become the face of many Pro-Black rallies and movements with their main desire being police reform. The program has the ability to develop into more than just justice for victims killed by the police, but the ability to evolve into equality for schools in Black neighborhoods to the ones in White neighborhoods. As it seems the “Black Lives Matter” statement would be in good spirits, it has developed backlash and a rivaling movement, “All Lives Matter” (Rethinking

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