The Importance Of Being Taught For Students Throughout The Nation And Global Standards

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Thesis: This kind of exceptionalism is what is being taught to students throughout the nation and is having a negative effect on both the ability to learn as well as the ability to comprehend US history.
1. Introduction of flawed educational system
a. Flaunting American Lifestyle
b. Future Generations
c. Inaccurate version of US history
2. Problems of flawed system
a. Global reputation at risk
b. Role in politics
c. Valued as priority
3. Effect on nation
a. Nationwide dilemma
b. Varies throughout states
c. Future of US education
4. Lies My Teacher Told Me
a. Tool for understanding reform
b. Reasoning
c. Exceptionalism quote
5. Conclusion
a. Effect on students
b. Effect on future of the nation and global standards
Nick Palatucci
Professor Kwak
FYS Liberal Studies
28 October 2014

American Exceptionalism; Educating the Nation’s Youth
Each nation believes that it is outstanding, and, truth be told, each nation really is exceptional in its own individual ways. But there is a distinction between flaunting one’s own exclusive way of life and believing that one can do whatever they want and impose their way of life onto others. If Americans wish to progress forward both as a people and as members of the global population, it is imperative to recognize this truth and begin revolving our education system around it. In America, as it is worldwide, there stands a political requirement to withhold the idea that you love your country and that it is the most superb land…

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