Noah Webster's Influence On Education

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There were a lot of events and people that influenced the foundations our education and schools. In the first five chapters of the book A Global Context: From the Puritans to the Obama Administration it talks about thinking critically about history, globalization and religion in colonial education, nationalism multiculturalism and moral reform in the new republic, the ideology and politics of the common school and the common school and the threat of cultural pluralism. Some important people and events talked about in the first five chapters were Noah Webster, charity school and the Native Americans.
Noah Webster had a big influence on education in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Noah Webster still has influences on our education today.
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To help reduce to crime and poverty charity schools and juvenile reformatories were made. Charity schools used school to socialize children into doing work. Charity schools provided structure for development of the common school. The goal for charity school and juvenile reformatories were to create good morals. They wanted to replace weak family structure with good strong morals. They hoped by doing this it would decrease crime activities. New York had a great impact on school and education. The failure of family structure because an organization in 1805 and it created the New York free school society. By 1840 the New York free school society was taken by public control and it became the core of public schools in New York City. One of the major problems with raising a child in a city was criminal associations according to the New York school Society. Charity schools created a problem with social classes because the poor attended o charity schools and the wealthy families went to private and public schools. They wanted to use public schools to mix the poor and rich kids. The cities public schools came from the charity schools. I think school still keep children out of the streets and away from crime. It teaches kids to be on time, do book work in and out of the classroom and teaches kids how to socialize with

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