The Importance Of Being A Psych Tech Essay

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What is a Psychiatric Technician
It has taken me many years to decide what I wanted to do for a living, but I made the decision a couple years ago. I want to be a Psychiatric Technician because of many reasons but mainly because I enjoy caring for people and bringing joy to their lives.
I decided to write my research paper on “What is a Psychiatric Technician because this field is not known by much of the nursing population. I also want to make sure I have chosen the right career for me because it will affect not only me but my husband and children. I know there will be many positive and negative aspects of being a psych tech but that comes with all nursing careers. There will be long hours and crazy shifts. I know this because I currently work at a behavioral health residential facility that provides care for clients with a wide range of mental and behavioral issues. These issues range from anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Clients typically have some sort of explosiveness that coincides with their mental issues often causing them to be a physical danger to themselves and others. These are the clients I work hard with to rehabilitate them to be able to move to a lower level of care, such as a group home, independent living, or back home with their families. Most of this type of work is very rewarding because I enjoy helping others but at other times it can be a very difficult job. Staff never knows when they will be attacked because most…

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