Student Learning Summary And Analysis

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My experiences of being a part of the School of Education can be summarized by this quote, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” (Benjamin Franklin). From the beginning of my education courses, I was able to see the importance of being involved in education. As a teacher it is important to get to know your students in order to help them to reach their full potential. The program has given me the tools and advice to become a successful teacher, now it 's my turn to use them in the classroom. I could go into student teaching today knowing that I am able to write and instruct multi-disciplinary lessons, create curriculum maps and unit studies, implement the Common Core Standards, and use assessment and differentiation …show more content…
My coursework has been vital to my teaching experience. My foundation education courses have helped me become more aware of certain details when entering a classroom. More specifically, these courses have opened my eyes to the needs of students on a physiological and sociological level. When looking at students, I wonder what is their home life like? Which stage of development are they in? and which Gardener’s multiple intelligences suits them best? These essential questions help teachers get to know students better in order to make lessons which adhere to to their needs best. More importantly, these classes have made me aware of diversity and equity. I am now more mindful of differences in the classrooms and the communities that surround the schools and how these differences may affect a student’s education. The education courses have introduced me to various educational theories that I have been able into put to practice in my fieldwork and preceding …show more content…
I hope to develop my classroom management, questioning skills, and ways to implement differentiation in the classroom. I would also like to learn how to set-up for the beginning of the school year, how to document student information, and how to prepare for parent teacher conferences. I hope to learn a variety of teaching methods and utilize this knowledge to develop my own teaching style. I will use every moment of student teaching as a learning experience. Overall, I feel ready for student teaching because the education courses I have taken have prepared me. They have opened my eyes and have helped me become aware of details, methods, and terms such as diversity, reflection, curriculum maps, unit study, and differentiation, that I didn’t know before. More importantly, I am able to put these skills into practice and recognize them in the classrooms that I have completed my fieldwork

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