Essay about The Importance Of Being A Group Member

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Throughout our educational years we’ve all had experience being a group member. Whether this was a positive or negative group experience, it provided us opportunities for learning, improving, and communicating with others. My placements during my college years in the Developmental Services Worker program took this group interaction to another level where the significance of being part of team took on a whole new meaning as I applied my education to real life experiences and grew in knowledge and as a person. My team experience working with Autistic children in a classroom situation was a very positive one. I was excited that I would finally get to work with the children in the field I had chosen as a career. Staff welcomed me and included me as a team member which provided me an opportunity to participate, grow as a person, as well as providing me with insight and experience in the field of Autism. A teacher, two Educational Assistants, along with myself and six terrific students worked together for four months. I quickly learned the classroom routine and felt at ease participating due to the wonderful team connection. For example I noticed one of the EAs using sign language with a student so even though I only had basic sign language skills I felt comfortable trying to use this skill with the student. Each team member encouraged my efforts and provided me with feedback which was invaluable and provided insight. Gym was a new experience for me as we…

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