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How can you become a good leader In fact leadership is considered a positive quality owned by some people that makes them different from the others. This quality enables them to guide or direct people or their work. It has many different definitions for example, “Leadership is the process by which an executive imaginatively directs, guides and influences the work of others in attaining specified goals.” — Theo Haimann. It also can be defined as a position of power held by a member in a group, which gives him the chance to affect the other group members socially for directing their efforts towards specific aims.
The leader may appear in a group because of the noticeable qualities of his personality or as a result of the agreement of most people in the group . However, according to the last case, the members of the group give the leader his power .This means that all the members of the group are pleased that he is able to continue in the leadership position. Leadership position can be existed in most group settings without considering the size of the group. For example, a leader of either a national or international organization has the same role in directing people. He has the same rights and duties whatever the number of the people in the group
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Sometimes the members of the group act or think of themselves as a separate unit from the leader. The team may take on a traditional "us versus him" mentality where members see themselves as worker bees fighting against a leader's unfairness and this has a very bad effect on the unity of the group and the work as a whole .Moreover, a leader is usually in the spotlight. If he makes a bad decision, it will be obvious to the others. Also, a leader is always a target. Whether from followers looking for a weakness to expose or from supervisors putting responsibilities onto

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