The Importance Of Being A Foreign Country

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Traveling to a foreign country in eighth grade, surrounded by my carefree friends instead of overprotective parents marked an important milestone in my life. Having the opportunity to hang out with my friends with the freedom to decide what we want in Beijing, China is an experience I’ll never forget. It’s always nerve racking as a kid when you have to leave the safety of your dependable parents and place your trust in your teachers to make sure you don’t get lost or thrown into jail in another country where no one speaks the same language as you. Flying internationally is especially terrifying when you have to go through the security and check your passport for the first time. You stand in never ending lines that only move inches while the security guards stare, scrutinizing you as if you’re already guilty before you do anything. Then as you go through the checkpoint your heart pounds in fear that you’re the only one that will have to have their luggage checked by hand and be inspected closer. But when you finally pass all the security checkpoints there’s immediate relief and the anticipation of being able to experience …show more content…
At that point, everyone’s excitement of being a foreign country was gone after all the trouble we had to go through in the Korean airport. When we left the airport it was dark but vibrant lights from malls and other buildings created sparked a renewed interest in exploring, but the ride to the hotel was so short in a blink we were already there. The hotel was mainly for westerners and business people so it wasn’t very different to what we have in America. My hotel room was an average size, fitting two firm twin beds, a flat screen television that was impossible to use since everything was in Chinese, and a bathroom that had you could see into from the beds so you had to use blinds to hide while using the bathroom. After I got my hotel room I immediately fell

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