The Republic: A Literary Analysis

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Art can be divided into the mediums of which art can be displayed. Art can be visual like a movie or kinesthetic like games or interpretive dance. Text is another medium for art and text can be expressive like poetry or it can contain a plot through a story. Stories can be broken down by length, short stories would be considered short stories while long stories would be literature. A plot, substantial length, continuity and artistic writing all must be essential characteristics in writing of literary merit because the greatests works across history have had these.
Far back during 380 BC, Plato wrote The Republic. Throughout he argues that an ideal society is one without art without realizing that his own writing is artistic. The Republic is
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What separates poetic writing from the prose found in novels like Beloved is the structure of the writing. Poetry is typically constructed in verse containing rhythmic qualities in its writing. Because of its syntax, poetry often lacks the length necessary to be called Literature. A collection of poems, like in the case of letters of Emily Dickinson, lack the continuity found in literature. Furthermore, poems that lack any plot or progression of events, like in Shakespeare 's sonnets, are unable to call themselves literature. In general, poetic writing is disconnected from that of literary …show more content…
Not only is The Divine Comedy literature, but the most famous epic poem, The Odyssey, is literature as well. The Odyssey was written in a time when the only kind of recreational writing was poetry. Even so, The Odyssey contains all of the necessary components of literary writing. Even though the writing is in Dactylic Hexameter, it maintains a length of around 350 pages. The plot is, in a word, epic, spanning 10 years following the journey of Odysseus on his way home from war. The poem as a whole is broken up into books, each detailing a step in the sequence of odysseus’ journey. The artistic writing is expressed through Homer’s detailed similes in an attempt to glorify Odysseus’ achievements and the mythological deities he encounters. The Odyssey encomposes all of anchient geece’s pride and nicely fits in the middle ground between poetry and

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