The Importance Of Aquatecture

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Title: Aquatecture

A third of the earth is covered in water, and most of the world’s population lives close to large bodies of water, including the Philippines which is made up of islands. Thus encouraging naval architecture and stilt designs
Water has been important in helping create architecture, from the people who lived by the two rivers; Tigris and Euphrates to the people of Dubai who are living on artificial islands today. Since we highly depend on, use and live with water, it is important that designing for water is considered
Aquatecture is basically incorporating water into architecture be it utilitarian, symbolic, therapeutic, leisure or visual context.

In this project there are two considerations on why aquatecture
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And since light can pass through water but not clearly, it can show a dance of light

As shown in the movie now you see me 2. Atlas appears to have stopped the rain. But in truth, the rain is still going. It was the lights that stopped. As our eyes cannot see rain during the night without light, it is perceived as if the rain had stopped.

Significance of interactive and educational displays is other than the attraction of users is to help people in learning new things about water by way of shock value, curiosity and fascination, and natural memorization.
Which by when people see these displays, they are shocked or awed. Then they become curious as to what these attractions are and are fascinated about it. And if the user is uses the structure often they tend to unconsciously memorize it.
That way people are more educated in water, and may help conserve it. As is also one of the goals of the proponent; Laguna Lake Development Authority is promoting water and the lake.

Objective of interactive and educational displays are for the attraction of users As well as for the alleviation of boredom as this project aims to be unique in terms of transportation terminals.


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