The Importance Of Antigone By Sophocles

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Once Oedipus was out of the picture so many things have happened over time. Creon becomes the new king of Thebes after both princes have died. Eteocles and Polyneices were killed by each other's hands and only Eteocles was given a proper burial. There is a new law that is being enforced: No one shall bury the traitor Polyneices, anyone who buries Polyneices will be punished. Antigone hears the new law but, she immediately acts on it. Antigone actions demonstrate that loyalty to family is more important than obeying the law, regardless of the consequences; disregarding the relationship with her brother.
Antigone is confronted by Creon for burying Polyneices, she was concerned about giving her brother a proper burial instead of looking out
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Creon said “He would: for you honor a traitor as much as him.”Antigone responds, “His own brother, traitor or not, and equal in blood...” (Sophocles 2.110-111). Antigone believes that Polyneices deserves the same respect as her brother Eteocles because there both brother and share the same blood. Antigone does not care what Creon says to about the act she commits because she strongly believes that both brothers deserve a proper burial traitor or not both are equal. Antigone tries to convince Ismene to help her bury their brother Ploy.“You may do as you like, since apparently the law of the gods mean nothing to you./That must be your excuse, I suppose./But for me, I will bury the brother I love.” (Prologue 61-65). Antigone is telling Ismene that she can coward away but antigone refuses. Antigone refuses to desert her brother and disobey the law of the gods. Antigone shows how her love of her brother by wanting to bury him and be lead astray because of the consequences she may …show more content…
Antigone broke the law and is calling her name.“This girl is guilty of a

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