Informative Essay About Taking Antibiotics

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Naturally, we have gone to the doctors when we are feeling sick, then come out with a prescription for an antibiotic. But have you ever question that you should be taking that antibiotic. antibiotics are one of the most overly prescribed medications in the United States. They may actually cause more harm than good. So what exactly are antibiotics, how can they be helpful when used correctly, but at the same time cause much harm to us by creating antibiotic resistance.
So antibiotics are medication prescribed by a physician or nurse practitioner. They target a type of microorganisms in your body called bacteria, as said in emedicinehealth “Antibiotics cure disease by killing or injuring bacteria.” (1). The illness or diseases caused by bacteria
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The physician and pharmacist gives a list of instructions on how to take them as stated by Stephen Everett in emedicinehealth “An important question to ask is how the medication should be taken. Some medications need to be taken with something in your stomach such as a glass of milk or a few crackers, and others only with water. Taking your antibiotics incorrectly may affect their absorption, reducing or eliminating their effectiveness” (3). Not only should do you have to watch out for how you should take, but how often and until when do you stop taking it. The most important part of taking an antibiotic is that you do not stop taking it until the doctor has told to. That means if you were instructed to take an antibiotic for ten days, you take it for ten days even if you feel better. Because the antibiotics job to to try to destroy all that bacteria. Even when you feel better the bacteria is still there and that is why it is important to take the antibiotic for the full dose of ten days. The less time it is taken more chances of bacteria to survive. If an antibiotic does not work as it should, it can easily affect how it attacks

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