Tetanus Research Paper

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There are exactly 166 antibiotics in today’s world. Each antibiotic in the world has a specific job to do when it comes to killing and stopping deadly bacteria. If one antibiotic does not work, then try another one. Some antibiotics are very strong and can kill bacteria at the presence of it, but some antibiotics are not strong enough to kill them. Tetanus is a fatal, acute disease which is caused by exotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. This disease causes spasms in the skeletal muscles. The muscle stiffness beings in the locking of the jaw and of the neck. Then the rests or the spasm start to generate. The first researchers to study and examine this disease were Carle and Rattone in 1884. The way they studied Tetanus was …show more content…
In the presence of low oxygen, the spores tend to germinate. The toxins are produced in the blood cells. The toxins tend to attach several spots in the nervous system. These spots include the spine, the brain, and the peripheral motor end plates. Once this enters the body and into the nervous system, the body starts to get spasms and the nervous system gets damaged. This disease starts to affect the body at around 3 to 21 days after getting the disease inside a wound on the body. The further away the injured site is from the nervous system, the longer it takes to start affecting the body (Mootrey, G.). There are three different forms of this disease: local tetanus, cephalic tetanus, and generalized tetanus. The first type of tetanus is local tetanus. This type of Tetanus is very uncommon to appear when infected with this disease. The way this type of tetanus affects body is by the contractions of the muscles often happen in a week or so. The other type of tetanus is cephalic tetanus. Cephalic is a rare form of this disease which occurs from an ear infection (otitis media). The last and most common type of tetanus is generalized tetanus. This disease is usually present with a descending pattern. The first sign of this disease is lockjaw, followed by the stiffness of the neck, swallowing is very difficult. The other effects of this disease is sweating, and high blood pressure. The spasms occur and can last for several minutes. The spasms can last for 3 to 4 weeks and to recover from these spasms can take months. There are shots to take if affected with this disease. Take them as soon as possible before the disease starts doing the damage inside the muscle

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