The Importance Of An Effective Report On The Police Officers, Police, And Parole Officers

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Chapter one consists on the importance of how and the why of report writing and its duty to the police officers, security officers, probation officers, and parole officers. Being efficient on report writing and the information written down on the report. Chapter two consists of the writing style itself and being able to write efficiently. Also, explains the importance on being able to revise and fix reports if it lacks proper grammar, spelling corrections, and so forth. Thus, both chapters tie in with a police officer or correctional officer writing reports and the importance of an effective report. Chapter one indicts that reports are written for operational and administrative purposes. For operational purposes, law enforcement such as the police department, reports document actions by individuals involved in criminal activities, incidents, accidents and actions by officers, and give facts for follow-up. Also, it helps keep track on investigations, and pinpoint high incident-of-crime times and locations. Administrative purposes of reports are meant to determine follow-up needed, send materials to other agencies, help get public cooperation, and enhance public and community relations. Also, it forms the backbone of reports to administrators to support budget requests, help management determine training needs, and regulate on who receives advancements and transfers. The operational obligations of the reports by security officers are to note dangerous conditions, prevent…

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