The Importance Of An Accurate Diagnosis Ensures Proper Treatment

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The medical professionals at Icon Medical Centers near North Miami Beach, Fl. are dedicated to finding and treating the issues that are causing an individual to have a decreased range of motion, and pain. The treatments we offer include chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy.

An Accurate Diagnosis Ensures Proper Treatment

Our physicians, physical therapist, massage therapists and chiropractors know the importance of an accurate diagnosis: If a patient is not diagnosed correctly, he or she may receive unnecessary treatments. Furthermore, the patient may be given treatments that could negatively affect his or her recovery. For these reasons, we know that achieving an accurate diagnosis is crucial to our patients ' recovery.
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Many times, with the proper non-invasive treatment, the body has the ability to heal itself, without the need for surgical intervention. The chiropractors and physical therapists at Icon Medical Centers near North Miami Beach, Fl. know this, which is why the procedures they perform are non-invasive and geared toward helping the body heal itself, naturally.

Reasons People Seek Chiropractic Care

There are numerous reasons that people in North Miami Beach, Fl. seek chiropractic care at Icon Medical Centers. Chiropractic care can naturally relieve the pain associated with a variety of injuries and conditions.

A chiropractor can assist with issues related to the neck, back, hips, shoulders and more:

A misaligned back – puts pressure on the nerves and makes it difficult for the nerves to communicate with the brain. A chiropractic adjustment realigns the spine; thus, relieving the pressure that was being placed on the nerves and clearing a path for communication.

A misaligned neck – leads to migraines/headaches because of the pressure placed on the nerves. By realigning the neck properly, the pressure is relieved. In addition, the joints and muscles in the neck frequently become rigid after an injury occurs. Once a chiropractor adjusts the neck, the motion of the joints and muscles is
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This condition occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that begins in the lower region of the back and runs down each leg. When this nerve becomes pinched, an individual may experience the aforementioned pain in the lower back, buttock, hip and upper leg. Generally, a patient experiences this pain on one side of the body at a time (left or right). Other symptoms of sciatica may include a tingling sensation, numbness and/or muscle weakness in the affected leg.

Joint pain, a prickly sensation or numbness – typically, an individual who is experiencing these symptoms does find relief after a spinal adjustment. By properly realigning the spine, our chiropractors take the pressure off the nerves causing the joint pain, prickly sensation or numbness.

Treatments Available at Icon Medical Centers near North Miami

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