Case Study: Culture Clash Involving Intersex?

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“Intersex is a group of conditions where there is a discrepancy between the external genitals and the internal genitals (the testes and ovaries)” (Kaneshiro, 2) Intersexuallity is a essence of being born with a mixture of both male and female biological characteristics, which are caused by an error in the sex chromosomes. Since both sides are present, it is very difficult for physicians to deal with issues involving the assignment of a specific sex or any consultations revolving around the issue. Intersexuality has been a major topic in medicine through history as has been subjected to a lot of controversy and different procedures. Even in the present day and age there are a lot of differences between how its viewed in distinct cultures and …show more content…
which presents us with a self versus regulation dilemma. The following is an example of this, “The Constitutional Court of Colombia has issued three decisions which establish important protections of the human rights of intersex people and restrict the authority of parents and physicians to authorize medically unnecessary genital plastic surgery” this law can constrict with the views of doctors who believe that a surgical approach would be a fitting solution (Greenberg, 2). This can be related to the text Case Study: Culture Clash Involving Intersex, “The urologist must believe that the selected treatment will benefit the child and justify the associated surgical and anesthetic risks”, if the medical care provider believed that surgery was the proper option and wanted to go forward with it he could be stopped by the restrictions of the law (Diamond, 213). The provider would then be conflicted in the sense that, he cannot carry out what believes is right and is forced to delay the process due to differences between his ideology and the law itself. Many ethical principles that doctors have which include, their own views and judgement may differ from what the law upholds. This will force a reanalysis from the doctor and will change the overall treatment plan, for better or for

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