The Importance Of Air Pollution In China

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Air pollution in China is a an issue that affects all Chinese citizens, but tends to have a more adverse affect on those citizens who are poor and live near the factories that cause this pollution. This issue is a result from a neglectful and ignorant government; China knowingly hurts its people for profit and power. The Chinese government exploits its people for financial gain with no regard for the citizens or the environment. China has become an economic powerhouse over the course of history, this has however, been at the cost of their peoples safety and health. China is where most products in the world are made; one can easily find a “made in China” stamp by scanning a few of their possessions. While this growth is good for the economy it is extremely damaging to the people, China has basically no limit on the amount of pollution that the country’s factories are allowed to produce. The factories are located near rural villages where the workers live, not only are these workers abused, but because they live so close to the factories their health is constantly in jeopardy. Although the poor of rural China are the ones most affected, the issue affects the population of the country …show more content…
One man has gone so far as to sue the Chinese government in a brave act of protest, “Li Guixin, a resident of…Shijiazhuang submitted a formal complaint in the district court and is also seeking compensation for residents of the city, arguing that the municipal environmental protection bureau had… to control air pollution”(Ghose). China will most likely not even pay attention to Guixin because of their communist government, but the important thing is that someone is speaking up and starting a conversation about this issue. The ones who are primarily affected are the voiceless and uneducated poor. They do not have the resources or abilities to protest the injustice being inflicted upon

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