Air Pollution In Beijing

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1. Introduction
This report is about air pollution in Beijing .One of the leading death of china, Beijing is caused by air pollution, as we know air is an important source of survivor for everyone. Beijing air pollution is causing a very serious problem to the people.

2. Importance of the issue

Beijing, being one of the largest city in China has the worst pollution problems in China. According to Beijing government, Beijing has more than five million motor vehicles with heavy industrial coal burning manufactured from factories. Strong wind blow during fall and winter would help clear the air but that still doesn’t solve the problem of air pollution. The first red alert of fog alerted in Beijing due to the low vision cause by the smog
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To tackle this problem, numerous protocols and agreements are created to provide long term and short term solutions. Nevertheless, climate change has remains as an international threat. According to Global Ethics Network (2013), China has been often, draw an attention to global media over its environment issues. The two major contributors to global warming is the emitting of carbon and methane. Over the pass few year, China has experienced noticeable changes in climate. (National Development Reform Commission 2007). The average temperatures in China has risen faster as compared to the global average about 1.6 to 2.7 degrees Celsius. The annual average air temperature is slightly higher than the average global temperate as it has risen by 0.5 to 0.8 degrees Celsius. China government has been paying great attention to the climate change in Beijing. Climate change in China has changed the weather patterns and in future by increase in flooding and drought. Outdoor air pollution is one of the major environmental challenges for health impact in Beijing. Climate change in Beijing has changed the weather pattern and could increase flooding and drought and cities near the coast could be at risk as sea temperatures warm, glaciers melt and sea levels rise. As the development of China got dirtier and air pollution getting worse, all this has caused a huge change in how China’s …show more content…

Government will limit factory emissions of tiny harmful particulate matter for PM2.5 which will decrease the major cause of the air pollution down by 25% .Which also includes more high quality use of coal as well as clean coal. As well as promoting the usage of electricity and good natural gas as alternative for using coal as their choice (Home, 2016).

Government of china could implement increased cost of vehicles so as to lower down the percentage of purchased from the citizens so that the emission given out by the vehicles could be lesser because as known china have an estimated 5 million vehicles on the road. By this way the vehicle registered may not increase so as to help from not polluting the country’s air pollution.

For those individuals or with family they could move out and stay at other parts of china in the city which air is not so polluted. This will help them to lessen their health conditions if they do have or protect them from getting any illness form the polluted air in Beijing itself.


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