The Causes And Dangers Of Air Pollution And The Environment

Air pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere by harmful biological or chemicals. Pollution causes serious harm to the environment and it is attributed that it is among the reasons why we have global warming. With harmful gases being emitted in the atmosphere there is dire need on how we can minimize the effects that causes air pollution, although some are inevitable there is need to put countermeasures in helping regulating harmful gases from being emitted to the atmosphere. Some of the cause which air pollution contribute to are
Health effects, some of the effects of air pollution is in our health. Harmful gases that are emitted to the environment can cause health related illness some may be short term or long time effects. Some of
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Air pollution is among the major contributors to the depletion of the ozone layer that protects the earth from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. By polluting the environment we cause rain from the clouds to be contaminated (acid rain) this rain normally harms trees, contaminate the soil, rivers and also affect the wildlife which depend on vegetation to feed. As we know about the food chain. The lion will eat the zebra which in turn will eat the grass. This chain that is useful for the conservation of our wildlife will soon twinkle down a we will be left without our wild life to balance the environment. Another effect on pollution on our forest is that the polluted air which the trees use to balance the air cycle will die of because of the harmful gases that are produced in the environment. As we know trees use carbon dioxide and in exchange produce oxygen which is useful to our existence as human and most of the living things require oxygen to …show more content…
The effect of air pollution by humans is especially noticeable in the city or urban areas. This is because in order to support a large population there is need for energy production to meet the growing numbers. Some of this include, transportation, industries which produce emissions to the environment. Some of the human related activates that relate to human pollution include the use of motor vehicles, aircraft pollution, smoke and heating, outdoor fires etc. A lot of mercury and other toxic gases are emitted with the production of electricity. Mercury been the core element in electricity production is harmful as it cannot dissolve and it inhalation causes cancer. The treatment of cancer alone takes much of the country recourses and takes a big portion of resources that are designated to the health ministries. Tobacco smoking is also a contributor of air pollution and the emission from tobacco is known to cause lung

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