Causes And Effects Of Air Pollution Essay

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AHMED MOSTAFA POLLUTION CAUSES AND EFFECTS Pollution is one of the most serious and dangerous problems facing the world nowadays in all countries around the world .The Pollution has many causes with serious harmful effects on all forms of life in the earth . The air pollution is caused by many factors like vehicle emissions , factories waste products and burning trash resulting in damage to ; The ozone layer , acid rain , damaging crops and harming human health .
Generally, air pollution causes could be the same around the world but there’s specific causes limited to some countries like industrial countries for example in Egypt ; This country suffers a lot from air
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Scientists find that the amount and type of chemicals in the air can detect which kind of epidemic diseases the people who live in the affected areas will have . For example : people who live next to large factories manufacturing thermal pipes and thermal insulating materials will have a chest disease called “asbestosis”: Asbestosis results from inhalation of asbestos particles used in such industries . New studies found that air pollution not only affect the lungs but it also makes the people in the affected areas more likely to have liver damage and cardiovascular diseases .
Animals also suffer from air pollution as they have lungs and organs exactly like humans so when animals inhale the polluted air the toxins level in this animal 's meat and blood increases . When humans eat the affected animal 's meat, the toxins level increases in their blood. People in developing countries rely on the animals as the main source of meat , milk and mean of transportation . So when animal 's die because of pollution, they live in a starvation and can`t transfer to their work places
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. When acidic rain fall over the rivers and oceans, it increases the level of acidity in this water resulting in water pollution and death of marine creatures . When the farmers use the polluted water to irrigate plants, there’s two possible effects depending on the level of acidity and toxins in this water . If the toxins level is high the plants will die immediately ; if low, the plants will grow but they will contain this toxins and anybody who eats it will have toxins in his body .
Additionally the effect of pollution on the economy is one of the key points that the world 's governments face. When people get sick as a result of pollution, this affects their productivity and ability to go to work .As a result a lot of them lose their jobs and a lot of factories close because there is not enough workers to run on machines . In addition governments spend a lot of money to fix the harmful effects of the pollution on human health and the

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