The Importance Of Travel To Beijing

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Useful things to know before traveling to Beijing
Some people just know that Beijing is a capital and the economic center of China and ignore many stunning scenes, other ones try to see all the beautiful landscapes, eat anything they can and waste lots of time. Beijing is a very big city, so if you don’t plan your trip clearly right from the start, you can waste time and effort without all of the amazing experiences in Beijing. Here are the useful things we think you should know to prepare your travel to Beijing, China.
The best time to go
Beijing is characterized by temperate continental monsoon climate with four separate seasons.Spring and autumn are cool, while Summer is hot and humid, winter is dry and cold. In general, travelers can visit
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If you apply for a tourist visa, a letter of invitation from Chinese relative or friend is necessary. In the absence of that letter, you will provide all details of your itinerary and intended trip, including the flight information and confirmed hotel reservations.
Booking hotels in Beijing: You should book a room on the sites which don’t require the upfront payment to have the flexibility with your trip. C-trip and are two websites recommended. They all offer a free cancellation in most rooms.
How to use money in Beijing
Cash is preferred: Today, though Visa and Mastercard are accepted in Beijing by most of the business (popular in upscale restaurants and big hotels), UnionPay is the most widely accepted card scheme. However, to easily use money in Beijing, you should exchange because mostly you need to pay by cash on your city trip.
China recognizes only one currency: “yuan” ( ¥) is the official currency, it is also known as RMB or “quai”. The notes available are ¥100, ¥50, ¥20, ¥10, ¥5, ¥2, and ¥1. The ¥1 also appears as a coin. The Chinese enterprises don’t accept other currency, even US or Hongkong dollar
How to travel and transit around
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You can also buy the medicine without a prescription by providing your identification.
Finding a doctor: In a major city like Beijing, there are some specialized hospitals serving the foreigners who live and work here. Just need to search on the Internet, the list of these hospitals will show.
Avoiding the air pollution: Whether you have a habit of using masks or not, wearing the mask in Beijing is a really necessary thing because the air pollution in Beijing is always reaching the alarming level.
Bring toilet paper and hand soap: Though hotels and nice restaurants offer toilet paper in the bathrooms but most of the public toilets don’t provide anything. A packet of paper and a small bottle of hand sanitizer are needed in your pocket.
How to contact in Beijing
SIM Card: China Unicom and China Telecom are the major mobile telecommunication providers. Visitors can easily buy the SIM Card at the airport or stores with affordable price.
Get a VPN: Most of the Google sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, are blocked in Chinese provinces. So if you want to use these social networks in Beijing, VPN is needed to

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