The Effects Of Pollution

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Pollution is a term used to describe mostly particles that are harmful in the air. Many things can cause pollution weather they be human like riding the car instead of taking the bus or natural phenomena like the eruption of a volcano. Pollution can come in many forms; they can be in tiny solids ranging from a few microns to gases floating around in the atmosphere. A recent study shows that pollutants less than 10 microns in diameter are in correlation with people dying of lung and heart diseases. Even today things like coal are being burned for their precious energy content mainly to produce the electricity we so fervently need. Coal which causes a lot of pollution is also used to refine what we use today like gasoline and metals. Although most urban areas have mostly switched to liquid fuels to get they energy’s they have lower concentrations of sulfur which in turn causes less pollution in the cities. Some of the main man maid pollution includes sulfur dioxide which is basically one sulfur atom …show more content…
Pathogens are considered to be responsible for millions of deaths every year because people drink water polluted with deadly pathogens. A great majority of deaths of small children are linked to improperly treated water, in raw numbers it is up to three fifths of all the children killed by the water pollutants. Nine out of ten people in the higher income countries have a good way to get rid of their waist and an even greater number have safe drinking water which is surprisingly not polluted in comparison to those third world countries in Africa pollution basically

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