How Does Affirmative Action Affect University Admissions

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Some may believe affirmative action within university admissions consider race and gender as a leading role in decision making, I have often heard Caucasian individuals considering it to be a racist practice. Given the 14th Amendment, according to The Library of Congress (2015), states forbid anyone being denied from, “life, liberty or property, without due process of law” and to “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” By greatly enforcing the role of the states, the 14th Amendment has immensely enforced the protection of civil rights to all Americans and is cited more than any other amendment. So why is affirmative action worth taking a look at? Throughout the years, racial discrimination has been alive and well in the United States and has been affected in the areas of hiring, financial, and university admissions.
An interesting place to begin would be learning what affirmative action is, the way it has affected university admissions, and the future of university admissions. According to Justice, Gender, and Affirmative Action
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This will sometimes cause a conflict with the needs of individual Caucasians’ and it is unavoidable because meeting these needs is not the only reason that universities exist. According to When Diversity Drops: Race, Religion, and Affirmative Action in Higher Education (2013), “Although the majority of undergraduates nationwide are white, the tide has shifted in certain states and metropolitan areas.” This does not mean that Caucasian’s will be discriminated against because they are white or because affirmative action is racist. One thing has always been true; discrimination against people of color has been and continues to be based not on just color itself, but on negative cultural beliefs about people of

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